Summer Employment

Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. is hiring summer students (15yrs – 18yrs) to work detasselling and derogueing this summer in the production fields. Also, we have an opportunity for 4 positions in a supervisory role (18yrs+), this is leading, transporting and managing the student crews. A valid driver’s licence is required and past detasselling or derogueing experience is an asset. These positions will be approximately four weeks starting July 10th and ending August 10th, weather depending. If interested, please contact Rick Van Laecke at 519-842-5538 or at

Duties include:

  • Working in field crews detasselling corn plants
  • Working in field crews derogueing corn plants
  • Final inspections and field clean up behind large crews

Work hours will be 7am to mid afternoon Monday to Sunday.

Horizon Seeds Summer Pollination:

Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. is looking for individuals to assist with pollination tasks in the research nursery. The position will be approximately three to four weeks starting July 5th and ending August 7th, weather depending. If interested, please contact Alex Whittal at 519-983-0520 or at

Duties include:

•             Shoot bagging ear shoots.

•             Setting up tassel bags

•             Performing the pollination by moving tassel bag to ear shoot

•             Assist in nursery weeding

Work hours will be 8 to 3:30 Monday to Saturday with the possibility of longer days during peak pollinating time.               

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