Ontario Hybrid Corn Seeds

Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. is a Canadian owned family seed corn business located in Courtland, ON with a focused purpose of “improving lives by realizing the potential of a seed.,” and as a result focuses on the commercialization of corn hybrids across Canada while driving local partnerships throughout Canada. Horizon Seeds works with multiple partners in addition to our own breeding efforts to commercialize high performing genetics across major trait platforms in corn today. Horizon Seeds is now offering  Enlist E3™ soybeans.

With a focus on product performance and customer support, Horizon Seeds has continued to grow and remain a trusted supplier of the Canadian farmer.

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Customer Testimonials

  • Dennis Vanhooren

    Delhi, Ontario

    “My Horizon hybrid with Agrisure Viptera® out-yielded the competitor hybrid from a major seed company, I will grow all my acres with Agrisure Viptera this year.”

  • Dave DeBoer

    DeBoer Holsteins Ltd – Tillsonburg, Ontario

    “We grow 100% Horizon Seeds corn because we believe in the product and it is local. I would recommend Horizon Seeds because of the results I am getting and because of the strong values behind it.”

  • Adrian DeKruyf

    London Dairy – London, Ontario

    “We love our HZ 976 with Agrisure Viptera, our yield was incredible and it gave perfect protection to Western Bean Cutworm, we will be growing HZ 976 again this year.”

  • Brian DeHooghe

    DeHooghe Land & Livestock Ltd – Delhi, Ontario

    “I couldn’t believe the difference in the field, side by side my RIB corn was ruined by Western Bean Cutworm and Horizon with Agrisure Viptera was perfect clean, my herd is much better off because of Horizon.”

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Traits & Stewardship

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September 15-17, 2020

Woodstock, Ontario

March 17-19, 2020
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March 4-5th, 2020
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