Corn Traits & Treatments

2020 Syngenta Canada Stewardship Form

LibertyLink Hybrids containing LibertyLink® technology makes them tolerant to LIBERTY herbicide when applied over the top in accordance with the label for LIBERTY herbicide.
Agrisure GT Hybrids with the Agrisure® GT trait provide excellent tolerance to in-crop applications of glyphosate-based herbicides.
The Agrisure®3010 trait stack provides season-long control of corn borer, as well as herbicide flexibility with both glyphosate and glufosinate tolerance.
Agrisure 3000GT Agrisure® 3000GT trait stack offers glyphosate and glufosinate tolerance as well as protection from corn borer and corn rootworm.
Agrisure Viptera 3111 A combination of the Agrisure Viptera® trait and the Agrisure® 3000GT triple stack, the Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait stack controls above- and below-ground insects for increased yield potential, higher quality grain, and glyphosate or glufosinate herbicide flexibility.
The Agrisure®3120 E-Z Refuge®trait stack offers the convenience of an integrated refuge product featuring two modes of action against corn borer, as well as better control of ear-feeding corn insects. Agrisure 3120 E-Z Refuge is ideal in areas where corn rootworm management is not a primary concern.
The Agrisure Artesian®3120A E-Z Refuge®trait stack pairs a hybrid that converts water to grain more efficiently than othe hybrids, providing improved yield consistency, with the convenience of an integrated refuge product featuring two modes of action against corn borer, as well as better control of ear-feeding corn insects.
Agrisure Viptera 3220 EZ Refuge The Agrisure Viptera® 3220 E-Z Refuge® trait stack offers corn growers dual modes of action against ear-feeding insects, including corn borer, with a 5 percent, single-bag refuge. It is ideal for areas where rootworm management is not a key focus.
Agrisure 3122 EZ Refuge Hybrids containing the Agrisure® 3122 E-Z Refuge® trait stack offer growers the convenience of a 5 percent, single-bag refuge featuring two modes of action against corn borer and corn rootworm, as well as control of ear-feeding insects.
Cruiser-Maxx-Corn-250 Cruiser Extreme®250 protects against insects and early season diseases with one seed treatment. Cruiser Extreme® 250 combines broad spectrum disease protection with an insecticide to guard against key early season pests. Cruiser Extreme® 250 moves systematically through the roots, shoots and young seedling to protect crops from the inside out. The components of Cruiser Extreme® 250/1250 is available on all Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. hybrids.
Fortenza For corn growers who want to improve their insect control spectrum, Fortenza® seed treatment provides critical early season control of European chafer, wireworm and cutworm. Coupled with the proven package of Maxim® Quattro, you get the added control of seed and soil-borne pathogens, such as Fusarium, Phythium, Rhizoctonia, and Aspergillus and Penicillium fungi
Maxim-Quattro A four-way formulation, Maxim® Quattro seed-applied fungicide contains four active ingredients to provide broad-spectrum protection against early-season disease. Maxim Quattro controls thiabendazole, which delivers best-in-class systemic protection against Fusarium species includes Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticilloides.